Aadhaar card may no longer be mandatory for holding bank accounts but the State Bank of India wants to make sure that all the existing internet banking accounts are linked to the holder’s phone number. 

And people who have not yet linked their phone number with their bank accounts will be unable to use net banking through SBI app or website after November 30.

Note that right now only the net banking services will be blocked for the SBI customers who have not linked their accounts with their phone number. The account otherwise will continue to be fully functional, it’s just that to use it customers will have to either go to the bank or to an ATM.

“As per RBI advisory, it is mandatory to register your mobile number to avail internet banking services. Please register your mobile number by 30.11.2018, failing which your internet banking access will be deactivated/blocked w.e.f from 01.12.2018,” SBI informs its customers on its website.

SBI account holders can check online on the same SBI net banking website if their mobile number is registered with the bank or not. Here are the steps that customers can follow to check.

Log on to your SBI internet banking services using the SBI website

Go to My Accounts and then go to the Profile tab

Now click on Profile and then go to Personal Details/Mobile

Enter your profile password. Your profile password is different from your account password. It is an extra layer of security given by the bank to your accounts.

Your registered phone number will be displayed on the screen. If your number is not registered, you will have to visit your nearest bank to get it registered.

At the same time, SBI has also asked its customers to upgrade their Magstripe debit cards to EMV chip cards. This is in line with the recent RBI guidelines that makes it mandatory for customers and banks to upgrade their Magstripe debit cards to EMV chip cards by the end of 2018. 

This is for the enhanced security of the customer’s account. The Magstripe debit cards that the banks are blocking now will remain blocked permanently. The request for replacement and applying EMV chip cards is free of cost and can be done through online SBI or through the customer’s home branch.