The RSS should strengthen itself at the grassroots level through its Sakhas and make an earnest attempt to bring those who have been converted to other religions back to the Hindu fold, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Sunday.

He was speaking at a meeting with RSS workers in Palakollu in West Godavari district on Sunday evening. 

He said, “Ghar Wapasi (reconversion to Hinduism) should be encouraged and those going to other religions should be persuaded to stay on in Hindu religion. 

The development and welfare of the country depended on the propagation of Hindutva which is a Universal religion with certain values such as “environmental protection’’ at its core.

He said Hindu religion is not a dogmatic one like other religions and it is well-suited to adapt itself to the changing situations. 

Therefore, in the land of its origin, the Hindu religion should be protected and propagated by all sections of the people, he said, and added that many people are showing their interest towards RSS and they should be encouraged by Sakhas.

“RSS workers should take responsibility on his shoulder to bring the (deserters) back to the Hindu fold without any discrimination and they should keep it as their main goal. 

They should educate the people and also the converts properly on that line. 

As per our tradition, though we speak various languages and have various food habits, we will think alike, that Bharat should remain forever at the highest level. 

In order to reach that goal, we have to face so many difficult situations,’’ Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief requested the people to help eradicate terrorism and other anti-social activities and protect Bharat from pollution of its cultures, and protect the Dharma, for which everyone has to visit villages. 

“Then only will we attain the goal of  Akhanda Bharat.”

He said that as per the Hindu tradition, there is no specific issue with regard to a change of religion. 

“Hindus will not think other religious people are our enemies and we never ever feel that other religions should be destroyed. As for other religions across the world, their main aim is destruction. We never make any attempt to convert other people to Hindu religion.”

“If Akhanda Bharat is our goal, everyone would attend RSS Shakha and become a leader by strengthening his personality. 

For this, we have to give time and contact all the people of all villages and towns by mingling with the people and strengthening the RSS ideology. This will show the path for resolving so many unresolved issues.”

One has to dedicate his life to the cause by giving much time for strengthening the organisation and resolving various issues, he said.

“In our Bharat, when any person purchases rice or fruits, the vendor gives a little more than the actual weight by way of goodwill. In Telugu it is called ‘Kosaru’. 

This kind of a practice is there across India. We do not see such a practice anywhere in the rest of the world. This practice shows that the people of Bharat followed true Dharma,” the RSS chief said.

It is to be noted for terrorist operation thrice RSS been banned in India during British era once and post Mahatma Gandhi murder and also in 1970 during Indira Gandhi regime