Tamilnadu cinema actor Rajinikanth’s counsel on Saturday issued a public notice stating that his client would initiate legal proceedings i.e., civil and criminal actions against persons who infringe the Tamil matinee icon’s personality/publicity, and celebrity rights that includes his name, voice, name, image and other elements uniquely associated with him.

Advocate Subiah Elambharathi issued the public notice stating that it has come to his client’s notice that various platforms and mediums and also various product manufacturers are misappropriating Rajini’s name, voice, image, photograph and caricature image, artistic image, computer Al (Artificial Intelligence) generated image and other characteristics.

He noted that certain people are doing this to create popularity amongst the public and to entice members of the public to purchase their products and to have access to their platform and medium.

“Our client states that our client’s image, name, unique photographs, and or likeness on digital platforms and physical platforms all of which are distinctive to our client, and any unauthorized use of the same by anyone is likely to create confusion and deception amongst the public, ” the public notice read.

“..The sheer proportion of his fan base and his respect across the film industry is unmatched and indisputable. Any damage or violation to his reputation or persona would entail great loss to our client having its effect over many spheres, ” the advocate said in the notice.

The advocate further stated that his client Rajinikanth states that he is the only person who has control over the commercial utilization of his personality, name, voice, image, likeness, and other characteristics that are uniquely identifiable, and also associated with the actor.

“No one can utilize and/ or misappropriate and /or imitate any facets of our client’s personality (including but not limited to his name, voice, image, and any other distinctive elements that are uniquely associated with our client) and/or exploit the same commercially in any manner whatsoever without the consent and/or express authorization from Our Client, ” the advocate added.

The notice categorically warned that Rajini will take all proceedings including civil and criminal in accordance with the law against the persons who are infringing his rights.