Rajini Makkal Mandram’s  (RMM)  prominent three  District Secretaries and many of Rajini fan association officials joined DMK on Sunday, and this move Shocked not only Top brass of BJP but Tamilnadu BJP unit at large . 
After Arjun Murthi the intellectual wing of BJP joined Rajni after Rajinikanth’s  announcement of floating the party ., In media circle it is been widely circulated Rajiniknath been asked by BJP high command to enroll Arjun Murthi  as coordinator.
But On December 29, 2020, Rajinkanth citing health condition distanced him from floating a party and indulge in active politics . 
This upset many Right wing Hindutva persons and BJP top  leadership in particular and in order to put pressure on the super star actor who has large fan following in Tamilnadu , they conducted a 2 hours dharna on 10 January 2021 in valluvar kottam Chennai for him to reconsider his decision
But this time Not wasting any time the very next day Rajinkanth firmly told and reiterated his earlier decision of not to enter politics on health grounds.
BJP inside sources confirmed Being coordinator still in RMM and  using Arjun Murthy influence , BJP TN unit wished to convert entire RMM in  to BJP’s fold  ..
But upset with the news of BJP pressuring their hero and thus not willing to go in to  BJP fold many RMM officials expressed their decision to Rajikanth and then started moving to DMK party one after another ..
Having noted the ground reality it is been told the  nod of Super Star Rajinkanth been obtained and then RMM said its members are free to join any political party of their choice after submitting their resignation.
In a statement issued here, RMM leader V.M. Sudhakar said those who are in RMM wanting to join a political party can do after submitting their resignation.
He also said RMM members should not forget that those persons who resign and join a political party are fans of actor Rajinikanth.
It should be noted Rajinikanth vociferously batted for DMK &  Moopanar faction Congress in 1996 and in that election ADMK party could only able to win just 4 seats out of 234 seats and much to ADMK  shock its supremo J.Jayalalitha  has lost to DMK Candidate E.G Sugavanam by 8,366 votes in Bargur Constituency  
Splco editor Savera Stated   with this bold move  Superstar Rajinikanth  has conveyed his displeasure for BJP’s covert acts and  in a direct  way through Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) he called the final shots .