Tamil Nadu actor 42 years old age Gayatri Sai recently went live on Facebook to expose senior journalist Prakash M Swamy, who she claims has been sexually harassing and physically abusing her over the last two years. 

Sai said she went up to police to file a case but they refused to file an FIR and instead they just registered Community Service Register (CSR), the picture of which she posted on her Facebook.

After repeated visits to police station and pleading before them to file a case, the police asked the actor to go to the Commissioner of Police to file the case.

The actor, in an eight-minute video, which went viral soon after, narrates the nightmare she went through, alleging that journalist, Swamy, targeted her after the death of her husband in Hong Kong, in the pretext of helping her in sorting an issue with her son’s passport.

In the video, the Chennai based actor said that the journalist sat next to her at her house and misbehaved. “I had to literally show him the door,” she added.

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Screen Shot of Profile of Swamy in Twitter account 

The actor went on to claim that harassment continued via phone and internet and that the journalist started sending her derogatory WhatsApp messages, threatening to defame her.

Earlier Swamy had been to jail for a month in connection with the Sahara case.

Swamy has refuted the allegations, saying he never had met the actor at her house.

“I never visited her house and have not harassed her. Since I am an investigative journalist, I am working on a story which is against her. So she is levelling allegations against me. I will reveal all the details in a press conference on Monday,” he told