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Rahul Gandhi barred to Speak in Parliament panel stamped protest and walkout

Former Congress Presdeint Rahul Gandhi and MP was disallowed to speak at the meeting by the panel chairman Jual Oram (BJP)
This is when he sought to raise the issues of Chinese aggression and better equipping the soldiers at the border in Ladakh, it was reported.
The sources said the issue of uniforms of the Army, Navy and Air Force was being discussed in the presence of the Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat
Annoyed with the discussion about uniform in the meeting when Gandhi intervened to say that instead of discussing this, the political leadership should discuss the issues of national security and how to strengthen the forces who are fighting the Chinese in Ladakh.
The Committee chairman then did not allow Gandhi to speak, following which the Congress leader decided to walk out, it was reported
To register the protest for not allowing to express Rahul Gandhi views Congress members Rajeev Satav and Revanth Reddy also left the meeting along with their leader.
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