Petrol diesel prices are touching new highs every day and the common man is suffering from this.
Petrol costs Rs 12.59, diesel Rs 9.77, up from last year
In Rajasthan’s Sriganganagar, petrol price has crossed Rs 101.
There has been a steady increase in the prices of petrol and diesel since January 6 this year.
So far this month, petrol has become expensive by Rs 2.59 per litre.
On January 1, the price of petrol in Delhi was Rs 83.71 per litre, now it has been Rs 86.30 per litre.
Similarly, diesel in Delhi has become expensive by Rs 2.61 per litre so far in January. On January 1, the rate of diesel in Delhi was Rs 73.87 per litre, while today the rate is Rs 76.48 per litre.
After increase Petrol prices in 4 metro cities:
Delhi: Rs 86.30
Mumbai: Rs 92.86
Kolkata: Rs 87.69
Chennai: Rs 88.82
After increase Diesel price in 4 metro cities:
Delhi: Rs 76.48
Mumbai: Rs 83.30
Kolkata: Rs 80.08