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Pandemonium in Rajya Saba over Farmer bill , Opposition Cries Foul and death of democracy

As Parliament passed the two contentious agricultural Bills on Sunday, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram asked the government how it will guarantee that farmers get the minimum support price (MSP) for their produce.
“Agriculture Minister says that government will guarantee that the farmer will get MSP.  Private trade takes place even today. The price paid to the farmer is invariably less than MSP. If the Agriculture Minister can magically ensure MSP, why has he not done that so far?” he said, in a series of tweets.
“How will the Minister know which farmer sold his produce to which trader? How will he know the millions of transactions that will take place every day all over the country? If he does not have the data, how will he guarantee MSP is paid in every transaction?” Chidambaram asked .
How the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha calculated in less than one minute that the farm bills had a majority in the Upper House, and the way he conducted the proceedings of the House disappointed many people and raised questions about the nonpartisan character of the Chair.
Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Sunday said in Rajya Sabha that BJP had selectively quoted or distorted the party’s 2019 manifesto.
He also questioned, “why on 22nd July, 2020 when the PM was speaking to US companies he was telling them about these ordinances and asking them to come and invest. Is this ordinance a way to centralise agriculture and hand it over to foreign companies? Is this ordinance being under the pressure of World Trade Organisation..
A video being circulated on social media shows Harivansh conducting the vote, amid all the ruckus and din in the Rajya Sabha, without even looking at the protesting members.
In the video, he can be seen asking for ‘ayes’ and ‘nays’. And within the next few seconds, he can be heard claiming that he heard the ‘ayes’ and in the next line, he can be heard pronouncing that the bill had been passed. All this happened in less than one minute.
Pointing this development Rahul Gandhi tweeted ” Democracy is ashamed by the manner in which the Government took out the order against the farmers in the form of Agriculture Bill today in the Rajya Sabha “
Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) President Sukhbir Singh Badal on Sunday urged President Ram Nath Kovind not to sign the farm Bills.
He requested him that the Bills be returned to Parliament for reconsideration.
“Please stand by the farmers, ‘kisan mazdoors’, ‘aarhtiyas’ (agents), labourers and Dalits,” Badal said in a statement.
An aggressive O’Brien of TMC  approached the Chair and tore the documents in front of him calling the Bill “Kala Kanoon”. He was also heard saying, “You cannot do this” to the chair. So much so the aide of the Deputy Chairperson who was conducting the house at that time, had to come to shield him.
Despite repeated requests, many opposition parties reached the well of the house to agitate. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad demanded that the discussion continue on Monday.
“To decide this, we should go by the consensus of the members, not by the numbers of the ruling party,” Azad said.
Inspite of the Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha Harivansh reminding about the contagious nature of the current coronavirus pandemic, many opposition leaders refused to budge and continued to shout slogans in the well.
DMK MP Siva teared the bill and threw at chair direction . Though ADMK government in Tamilnadu and its Chief Minister Palanisamy supported the bill but ADMK  Rajyasabha MP Balasubramanium  opposed the Bill act  caused surprise to   ADMK MPs in Parliament
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