The MLA in question, Brij Bhushan Sharan, is seen harassing the vendor and a young boy outside his residence.
Brij Bhushan Sharan ruling BJP party MLA, from Charkhari in UP’s Mahoba district, was seen shouting at the lone vegetable seller and his young boy to reveal their religious identities as per the video that went viral
BJP MLA continuously shouting the mask wore vendor and demanded his name for which, the vendor replied, “Rajkumar.”
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Unsatisfied BJP MLA persisted ” Tell me your name correctly, or I will beat you up.”
The vendor was accompanied by a minor. The MLA then put the question in meaning way to the minor” Tell us, or we will put your father in jail .”
The minor then out of fear replied , “Aziz-ur-Rahman”, then the MLA said, “You were lying about being a Muslim .
[splco_quote]Then when local media approached BJP MLA he acknowledged and said “Yes, it was my video. I reprimanded him because he was lying. He said his name was Rajkumar while his name is Rehmuddin. He wasn’t wearing a mask and gloves. We know… 16 vegetable sellers in Kanpur and one in Lucknow tested COVID-19 positive.”[/splco_quote]
It is Shocking to aware repetition comes a few days after another BJP MLA, from Barhaj constituency in Deoria district, Suresh Tewari, was seen in a video clip, telling people not to buy vegetables from Muslim vendors.

“I am saying openly don’t purchase vegetables from Muslims ” the BJP MLA, from Barha Tewari, can be heard saying in the clip. The party issued a show-cause notice against him, seeking reply within a week,
Both the clips was widely shared on social media, triggering a turmoil
This repetitive incidents of hatred against a particular community to link with Corona virus  discloses that Indian PM Modi statement that Corona virus doesn’t have religion or caste has not got in to the mind of BJP lawmakers .