BJP ruled modi led central government’s ventilator scam is busted by opposition parties  in India and then Principle opposition party Congress  in India questions Ruling BJP party led centre government at the purchase of 50,000 ventilators using allocation made from the PM CARES fund.
Prior lock down announced only with less than 500 cases indian stood below 60th rank but after lock down put in phase with in 110 days India moves up to the charts to 3rd global rank with over seven lakh positive coronavirus cases.
It should be noted Centre had announced the purchase of ventilators with Rs.2000 crores from PM CARES fund , these 50,000 ventilators had to be delivered by June 30, but now  the deadline has passed
It should be noted As per PMO’s release (Annexure-1), only 1340 ventilators have been delivered till June 23, 2020.
Opposition parties allege Official sources revealed that no tender has been issued for the ventilators since May 14. 
This made Congress spokesperson, Gaurav Vallabh pose allegations against to the Government of India over the acquirement of ventilators.
The government of India had on March 31 of this year placed orders to procure 30,000 ventilators from Skanray Technologies and 10,000 ventilators from AgVa Healthcare, both domestic manufacturers.
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Picture Source Agva webpage

At the same time, the supplier AgVa Healthcare had quoted a price of Rs 1,50,000 per ventilator.
Not the question arises is , “Do the 50,000 ventilators ordered through PM CARES include the earlier order of 40,000 ventilators by government or is it separate? for which stoic silence came as response from Government authorities  
“As per PMO’s release, per ventilator price comes out as Rs 4,00,000.
When the ventilator is available at Rs 1,50,000 per piece then why PM CARES had allocated Rs 4,00,000 per ventilator? . the differnce in pricing each ventilator is 2.5 Lakhs and if calcualted for 50000 units means 1250 Crores Indian Rupees
Being the case where is this 1250 Crores money going?” Opposition party asked
Panel of medical experts who had asserted that ventilators provided by AgVa Healthcare are of sub-standard quality.
Being the case Why government is compromising the health of patients with sub-standard equipments asks Insiders
“Why Government is compromising the health of lakhs of patients with sub-standard equipment’s at such a critical time?”
Also it should be fact to note that Ventilator manufacturers are now seeking a nod from the Centre to export their products at a time when hospitals in India are running out of ICU beds.
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