[splco_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Corona virus pandemic in European and the US experience showed, the ventilator ICUs were of crucial importance for critical COVID patients. Developed countries like UK and USA were struggling to procure ventilators from different parts of the world the New York City itself had placed a purchase order for 30,000 ventilators across globe and thus it would be difficult for our country to source them from abroad.[/splco_heading]
Indian medical hospitals speaks in volume of current 40,000 ventilators, both public and private hospitals included, but many of the ventilators in the government hospitals were dysfunctional.
It is in this juncture after corona pandemic fear Indian Railways announced during April month that it has developed a low-cost ventilator at its Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory that would cost barely Rs 10,000 and made it known that it had sought ICMR’s permission to mass-produce it.
Three weeks ago, Bangalore-based Dynamatic Technologies, an engineering product manufacturing company, told us that it has developed a disposable ventilator prototype which would work without electricity and which would barely cost Rs 2,5000. 
Another step forward is IIT Roorkee announced in April that it had developed a completely indigenous ventilator, with full functionality, at a cost of Rs 25,000 a piece.
Not only above major breaking news stories India media revealed but many other  institutions came forward to say that they have developed digital ventilators, with critical imported parts, that would cost about Rs 1.50 lakh each.
It is after that Indian  Prime Minister, Health Minister and other Ruling party BJP leaders said with great deal of pride that we have the scientific and technological competence to produce ventilators of India’s  own.
Also it should not be forgotten Indian Prime Minister Modi announced  that centre government would use the time to ramp up our health infrastructure.
In this period  opposition parties in India  made hue cry of non transparency in spending keeping PMCARES fund that has been created in lieu of transparent PMNRF fund .,
Given above circumstances  Modi headed union government announced on Wednesday night that it was releasing Rs 2,000 crore from PM CARES Fund to purchase 50,000 Made-in-India ventilators.
Basic 3rd standard student if asked to find out the cost of each ventilator would tell us each India-Made ventilator procurement priced fixed by Union government  would cost Rs 4 lakh Indian Rupees ..
[splco_label]Now time for point to ponder :[/splco_label]
Already ICMR procured from China    through Private Companies 10 lakhs  Corona virus testing kits at higher price with  145%  cooked up prices came under scanner and then  been reprimanded by Delhi Court . Opposition Parties Congress TMC DMK questioned BJP Government  the rationalise behind the Corona test kits procurement scam 

Aa attributed by BJP Ruling party ministers quality Indian made ventilators  lined up by Indian  frontline government organisations at affordable prices from Rs 10000 to Rs 150000., ,
Being the case why then the government allocated 2000 Crores .,  that is for Rs 4 lakh per piece to buy 50,000 ventilators ..
Who is going to benefit and for whom is this piercing  question that BJP government should answer .. is not it …