Nepali PM KP Oli has stirred a major controversy by claiming that Lord Ram was Nepali.
Although Lord Rama’s kingdom Ayodhya is located west of Birgunj in Nepal, India has created the disputed Ayodhya, he claimed .
“Lord Ram’s kingdom Ayodhya is located west of Birgunj in Nepal and India has created a disputed Ayodhya,” said Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli on Monday.
Speaking on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti at the Prime Minister’s residence, he said, “We are under the misconception that Sita married Ram of India.
But Ram was not Indian but Nepali”. This year Bhanu Jayanti marks 206th birth anniversary of Nepal’s great poet Bhanubhakta Acharya who translated Valmiki Ramayan in Nepali.
Alleging that India encroached the cultural facts of Nepal, Oli said that India has created a ‘fake Ayodhya’. “Lord Ram’s kingdom was not in Uttar Pradesh but in Nepal, near Balmiki Ashram”, said Oli.
Oli, the PM of the Hindu-majority nation claimed that Ayodhya was located in the west of Janakpur at Balmiki Ashram in a place called Thori near Birgunj in Nepal.
He added that the Valmiki Ashram in Thori belonged to Panditji Ridi who performed the Putrishti Yajna for Dashratha, Lord Ram’s father, to bless him with a son. “That place also belongs to Nepal,” he said.
He added that a place called Balmiki Nagar is presently in West Champaran district of Bihar, some part of which is also in Nepal.
He questioned how Ayodhya came to Janakpur to marry Sita if it was in the place claimed by India.
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Google Map gives result when inquired about distance in Kms and time to travel from Ayodya Uttarpradesh to Janakpur Nepal to 11 h 46 min for 544 km via E – W Hwy/AH2 & 12 h 30 min for 543 km via SH 34 route

“[splco_quote]How did residents of the Ayodhya- which India claims is in Uttar Pradesh- come to Janakpur to marry Sita? At that time there were no phones so how did they communicate? During those times, marriages were arranged in nearby kingdoms only. No one used to travel so far to marry,” said Oli.[/splco_quote]
He further said, “There is a huge controversy in ‘their’ Ayodhya while our Ayodhya, that lies in the Thori village, has no issues as such”.
Historians pointed out if Nepal refer the issue to International courts then that would make The Ram temple process more complicated  . As a result the  statement of Nepal PM it has send shocking massive fissures to RSS that sphere-headed the Ramjama Boomi movement  ( Birth place of Lord Ram) in Ayodhya
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Historic Mithila city to experience the tarai culture of southern Nepal and visit the grand Ram Janaki Temple in the center of the city that draws allusions to the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. The temple is the main attraction of the city and draws large crowds of visitors.

It Should be noted The India-Nepal bilateral ties came under strain after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a 80-km-long strategically crucial road connecting the Lipulekh pass with Dharchula in Uttarakhand on May 8.
Nepal reacted sharply to the inauguration of the road claiming that it passed through Nepalese territory. India rejected the claim asserting that the road lies completely within its territory.
Later, Nepal updated the country’s political map through a Constitutional amendment, incorporating three strategically important Indian areas.
India termed as “untenable” the “artificial enlargement” of the territorial claims by Nepal. India has handed over a diplomatic note to Nepal over the map issue, Nepalese media reports said.
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