[splco_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”30″]ADMK ruled government in Tamil Nadu Re opened the Tasmac liquor shops after 43 days lockdown  on Thursday after the easing of terms of  lockdown, witnessed thousands of people gathered in many places , triggering overcrowding. The huge gathering completely made a scant respect for social distancing norms. Police officials were seen at some arrack shops resorting mild lathicharge where the overcrowding can’t be controlled .[/splco_heading]
Madras High Court in its guidelines had said that not more than 5 people should gather at the liquor shops.
The court had also said that proper social distancing norms must be followed. But due to the unexpected rush all procedural code of conducts gone with air . 
In the last 24 hours, Tasmac shops have generated Rs 172.59 crore revenue for the state.  After 43 days lockdown Reopening  Tamilnadu liquor sales on the day one exceeded   other Indian state liquor sales  
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State ADMK government had made elaborate arrangement with issue of token much before the sales day signed by Government officials for smooth sale of Liquor

Of the total 5,146 Tasmac liquor shops in Tamil Nadu, which get an everyday sale of about Rs 70-80 crore, earned Rs 172 crore with only 3,750 shops opening in the eased lockdown.
The 3,750 shops opening is due to banning of shops in Chennai district owe to largest Corona virus cases. After the Koyembedu Market cluster evolving as a coronavirus hotspot in Chennai, the fear of spread of coronavirus has increased and the number of people affected have also seen a spike in the last 10 days.
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Many shops wore festive look like marriage events unmindful of corona virus pandemic

Tasmac formed during 1983 by then ADMK party Cheif Minister M.G.Ramachandran in Tamilnadu . Tasmac become cash cow for ruling establishments with bar license and other sops such as procurements etc in an  non transparent corrupt practices irrespective of Governments , unchecked by Judiciary system  in Tamilnadu since 1983 .
During the bitter times with her lifetime friend Mrs. Sasikala Natarajan   then CM ADMK party supremo Jayalalitha entrusted all the benami liquor factories and business for a year to  her advisor Cho Ramasamy  a RSS propagandist and Editor of Vernacular weekly name Thuklaq 
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It is to be noted in that period 2011-2012 the revenue of Tasmac been doubled thanks to the effective administration of Cho Ramasamy . Senior lawyer Bhushan exposed the arrack  company names with ROC proofs and called renowned Thuqlaq editor as CHOR ( in Hindi means theif ) Ramasamy ..  
Tasmac is a seller mechanism that generates bumber revenue for the state government. During Pongal, Diwali and New Year festival event the sale is between Rs 120 crore to Rs 200 crore.
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Post elections 2011 during victory ceremony then CM Jayalalitha had an interaction with her advisor Cho Ramasamy ( in Olive green Shirt) and DMDK President Vijayakanth on the extreme left with then Gujarat CM MR.Modi on the Right

Many videos surfacing in social media police officials struggling to make the crowd stand in a line in front of a Tasmac shop. Also the behaviour patterns of drunken person in streets become laughing stock with police officials made to stand as stoic observers .
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[splco_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PVbiM0GHpc” autoplay=”yes” title=”Liquor mania resulted huge 172 Rs Crores record of sales for State governments”]
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On the first day of the opening of the Tasmac liquor shops, these state government-owned shops have generated Rs 172 crore in revenue, ( 23 million US$)  which is much higher than what it earns on a normal day.
Tasmac shop being overcrowded by people is reflective of the worst fears among those who had opposed the opening of these liquor shops. Principle opposition DMK party along with its allies in the Tamilnadu  state  conducted a black flag protest in front of their houses showing black flags. 
In down south of state  several places in at various places  Tamilnadu housewives and women  picketed government run arrack shops but been chased aways  by Police force who been presented in large numbers to give protection to Tamilnadu Government run arrack shops
To go in to break up of Liquor sales ,  The highest sale was registered in Madurai Zone where liquor worth Rs 46.78 crore was sold.
Madurai was followed by Trichy with Rs 45.67 crore sales, Salem Zone with Rs 41.56 crore sales and Rs 28.42 crore sales in Coimbatore Zone.
Average Sales of Rs 10 crore liquor was sold in districts includes Cuddalore, Villupuram and Suburbs of Chengelpet, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur