As guessed by many in Social media the former IPS officer who talked wrongly  about quota system from which and using the quota system  he become IPS has praised heap of praise to Narendra Modi leadership style and joined BJP, on Wednesday August 25.
Many in the state wonder why a single man who is unknown in Tamilnadu and due to  for his RSS ideologies joining BJP been called as great victory by BJP Head Quarters in Delhi  .
It is a known factor  BJP in Tamilnadu when it contest alone with out Joining Dravidian party  never used to get even deposit and always trail behind NOTA inside Tamilnadu
The Jubilant BJP high command in Delhi called it as a ceremony happened in party headquarters in Delhi in the presence of party General Secretary P Muralidhar Rao and Tamil Nadu BJP State President L Murugan.
Joining the BJP at its national headquarters here, Annamalai spend more than 5 minutes and heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he embodies a leader’s qualities of fearlessness, courage, knowledge and giving spirit.
“I will work to strengthen what the BJP stands for and to bring that nationalist spirit to the state of Tamil Nadu,” the 36-year-old former police officer, who has been involved in social work since quitting the IPS, told reporters.
BJP general secretary P Muralidhar Rao, who is his party’s in-charge for the state, said the party has been attracting people from different segments into its fold in the state, which has been traditionally dominated by the two Dravidian parties, AIADMK and DMK.
He said it is very important to strengthen nationalist movement in Tamil Nadu, which will go to the assembly polls in the first half of the next year.
Annamalai also later met BJP national president J P Nadda.His entry been not welcomed openly  by old stalwarts in BJP here such as General secretaries of the BJP party such as H.raja and K.T Ragavan who were been kept in dark about the ceremony held at Delhi Headquarters 
A native of Tamil Nadu, Annamalai kuppusamy has spent 10 years in Karnataka. His fierce support to Kannada language and till his death serving for Kannada people spoken videos were going viral in social media ..
During his service in Karnataka and seen his pro BJP stand many in social media said he will join BJP
annamalai kananda tweet splco
He resigned from the police service in 2019 with out attributing any reasons . . Speculations arose that he would be joining the BJP after his resignation even while Annamalai cited personal reasons for his resignation.
Annamalai sadly become a laughing stock on the date of his first interview after he joined the BJP party ., this is after when he quoted he will work hard for  Bharathiraja party . Then  Using the hashtag #டக்கால்டி_அண்ணாமலை in Tamil language the meaning of it is “fraud Annamalai” that has become Top trend in India for many hours  and  he been trolled by many