Interstate  political controversy has erupted over the attack on workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in Gujarat that was sparked off after a rape incident.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday put the blame over the violence on the “crumbling” governance in BJP-ruled Gujarat while RJD raised heckles over calling the workers “migrants”.

“There is no bigger fear than Poverty. The root of the on-going violence in Gujarat lies in the closed factory and the unemployment there. Both the system and the governance have been crumbling. Targeting migrant workers is completely wrong. I’ll fully stand against it,” Rahul tweeted.

Reacting sharply, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani alleged that the Congress first “incites” violence against migrants and then its president tweets to condemn this violence. “Does the Congress president not have any shame?” he asked.

Taking strong note of calling the workers from outside Gujarat as migrants, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav asked Rupani whether he has “lost his senses”. In the poll season, the RJD leader also linked it to the victory of the BJP led by two Gujaratis—Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah – from the Hindi belt states to ask whether they were also migrants.


“How dare you to call fellow Indians as migrants? Or do you mean to say that a Migrant won from UP & became the Prime Minister of India? We demand an immediate apology from you. Won’t let RSS goons from Gujrat to break the nation!” Yadav tweeted.

In the same vein, he also trained guns on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is an NDA ally, who joined ranks with the BJP after walking out of the earlier RJD-Congress-JD(U) grand alliance last year.

Yadav observed that people from Bihar who are living in different states across the country are being attacked everywhere “What has Bihar CM done to stop it? Whether it’s Gujarat or Bihar, we as Indians can go anywhere in the country to earn a livelihood,” he said.

The RJD leader alleged that a “big conspiracy is being plotted by the BJP to keep people from Bihar unemployed.” He also recalled that a few days back, the Gujarat Chief Minister gave a statement that 80% of jobs in factories will be reserved for people of Gujarat.

Yadav was referring to Rupani’s statement in which the Gujarat Chief Minister recently said those who set up businesses in Gujarat, including the service sector, will have to ensure that 80% of the jobs are given to Gujaratis and that the state government was in the process of making such a law.

Input feed : Syndicate agency Splco web desk