While at the time of BJP led Modi government has developed border issues controversies with Nepal and China fresh Consulate issues popped with pakistan 
Pusuant to this erupted diplomatic war and for the second consecutive day, India summoned the diplomatic envoy of Pakistan and registered a strong protest over the alleged abduction and ill-treatment of the two personnel working as drivers at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in a statement said the two drivers Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas were tortured and made to confess to a series of allegations in camera. But neighbour country Pakistan has rejected the Indian allegations.
“The two Indian officials were subjected to interrogation, torture and physical assault resulting in grievous injuries to them.A  FIR (first information report) filed against them said they had been found with fake currency notes.
They were videographed and coerced to accept a litany of fictitious allegations and concocted charges. The vehicle of the High Commission, in which theay were travelling, was extensively damaged,” said a statement from the MEA, summing up the diplomatic note of protest that was handed over to Syed Haider Shah, the Charge d’Affaires of the High Commission of Pakistan.
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Mr. Brahma and Mr. Selvadhas were released late on Monday evening after India lodged a strong protest with Mr. Shah.

The incident comes weeks after two Pakistani officials at the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi were accused of espionage and deported. The two worked in the visa section in Delhi and were allegedly caught in the act of spying.

Several top Indian diplomats in Pakistan have also been aggressively tailed in Islamabad over the last several days and India has protested against the excessive surveillance.

The government said Monday’s action was preceded by heightened surveillance and harassment of Indian diplomats based in Pakistan.
“The attempt by Pakistani authorities to levy false accusations and concocted charges on the officials of the High Commission is rejected in entirety,” declared the official statement, reminding Pakistan that it is expected to treat Indian diplomats according to the Vienna Convention of 1961.
India reminded the Charge d’Affaires that Pakistan is responsible for the safety of Indian diplomats, staff members, officials, and their properties.
Pakistan however  on June 15 dismissed the Indian statement of protest as “irresponsible” and “baseless”. “The MEA’s statement is a reprehensible attempt to distort facts and deny the culpability of these officials in criminal offences,” said a press release from the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.
The statement issued on June 15 evening said, the Indian vehicle carrying Dwimu Brahma and Paul Selvadhas was “over speeding and crashed…into a pedestrian”.
“The pedestrian was seriously injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. The officials attempted to flee from the scene,
However, some passersby who witnessed the incident stopped them from fleeing and informed the police,” said the Pakistani statement claiming that during the course of interrogation, “fake currency was also recovered from the aforementioned officials”.
The Pakistani statement claimed that he Indian authorities are trying to divert attention from internal developments in India.
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