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India beat Italy and move up to 5th in Global rank deaths & last 48 Hours 1,00,000 +ve cases reported

India now emerge as leading nation in the world of Corona virus afffecte case per day and has recorded over 100,000 cases in 48 hours.
India cases at 1,643,416 and stood at Global rank 3 in Corona cases , where as US tally has surged to 4,634,581 and Brazil 2,613,789 respectively and stood at 1st and 2nd Rank
Yesterday India has recorded its worst-ever spike of over 54,900 coronavirus cases, taking its tally to 1,639,350.
Not Just this India country’s death toll now stands at 35,807. It has overtaken Italy to have the fifth-most deaths due to coronavirus.
Maharashtra has reported its highest single-day spike of 11,147 cases and its tally now stands at 4,11,798.
Tamil Nadu’s corona tally has shot up to 239,978 with 5,864 fresh cases.
Both states have extended their lockdowns until August 31, with some relaxations.
Earlier Worldometer has recorded 277,972 new cases worldwide in the past 24 hours.
As many as 17,482,602 people around the world have been diagnosed with Covid-19. While more than 10,925,923 have recovered 675,764 have died so far.
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