Taking a angry view of abusive behaviour towards healthcare professionals amid the nationwide lockdown, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called for observance of a ‘White Day’ on Wednesday and a nationwide ‘Black Day’ protest on Thursday.
IMA said that it had so far observed the utmost restraint and patience in spite of extreme provocations. “Doctors have been abused, beaten up, denied entry to their residences. Obstruction in cremation is the last straw that the IMA can bear,” Dr Rajan Sharma, IMA President, said in the letter.

The IMA wrote a letter on Monday to all its current and past office-bearers to issue directions to different hospitals and health workers to light candles on hospital premises as a symbol of protest and vigil on Wednesday.
Also the IMA warned, and demanded enactment of a central law through an ordinance for the protection of healthcare professionals and guarantee for a safe workplace.
[splco_quote]”A decision on the further course of action will be taken if suitable steps are not taken by the government even after ‘Black Day’. The ‘White Alert’ is only a warning,” said the association.[/splco_quote]