Days after Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi triggered a controversy by saying that Tamizhagam is a more appropriate name for the state than Tamil Nadu, and then DMK taken this issue cyber space with #getoutravi  but also to the grass ground root level but also taken to India president’s table .

Also DMK allies took to street and demanded resign of Governor and Stundets across tamilnadu burned effigy of Governor ravi and this cornered state BJP president K Annamalai has said that the remark was unnecessary.

Clarifying that the controversy over the name change was “one without any productive outcome”, Annamalai also disagreed with the Raj Bhavan’s decision to issue invitations for Pongal without the state emblem but added that it may have been due to a “clerical error”.

In his interview to BJP supportive  Tamil news channel Thanti TV, Annamalai said both Tamil Nadu and Tamizhagam are of a “similar spirit” and added that the BJP does not agree with the opinion that the state’s name should be changed.

“Controversy over Tamil Nadu and Tamizhagam was unnecessary. The controversy was not going to bring out any productive outcome,” Annamalai said. Asked why Ravi kicked up the row with the suggestion, the BJP leader said, “Maybe he was mistaken too.”

Explaining the broader context of the Governor’s comment, Annamalai said Ravi was referring to certain “divisive forces” and that the idea of a name change “was just a suggestion”. He said, “If you ask whether Annamalai will accept that suggestion, I will not. He (Governor) was giving a suggestion, not everyone needs to accept it.”

But, the BJP leader added that certain DMK leaders try to invoke debates on the old demand for a separate state. “Even recently, DMK leader A Raja said the reasons raised for the demand for a separate state still exists. DMK IT wing and some leaders still make such random statements.”

Asked about the Governor’s Pongal celebration invitations omitting the state emblem, Annamalai said, “I am telling you, 100 per cent the Tamil Nadu logo should have been there in the invitation. But I see it as a clerical error because the Governor is not such a person … May not have been a conscious act.”

“I try to see a larger message in the Governor’s acts,” Annamalai said, referring to Ravi’s long career that spanned from Bihar, his native state, to Kerala and later assignments in the North East. “He sees India in its entirety. He is someone who is learning Tamil now with a tutor. He tries to speak Tamil in his speeches. His intention is nothing but that of one who wants to belong to our state … So I request you to not exaggerate such issues beyond a point.”

In the aftermath of the controversy, Annamalai was among the BJP leaders who backed the Governor. But some in the state BJP unit and some central leaders in Delhi were against Ravi’s hardline stance and his decision to walk out of the Assembly on January 9 after Chief Minister M K Stalin objected to his decision to make changes in the speech prepared by the government.

“He (Governor) was told by Delhi to go slowly. There were plans for the Governor’s visit to Madurai on Pongal day to take part in a Jallikattu event. It was also cancelled,” said a senior BJP leader from Tamil Nadu, adding that the central leadership cannot afford controversies that spoil the party’s prospects in the state.

A senior DMK leader said the party’s displeasure with Ravi was conveyed to the BJP leadership in Delhi soon after the January 9 episode. “It was an informal communication but we were promised that the Governor will be summoned soon to Delhi and it happened too.”

A governor getting summoned to delhi and after that he mends and dismiss governor office staff for the error and issue Tamilnadu government logo and use the word Tamilnadu smells victory winks  local DMK functionaries and  sounds smugness  in social media at large .