In an unprecedented broadcast to the nation on television, radio and social media, Modi on Wednesday announced that India had demonstrated anti-satellite missile capability by shooting down a live satellite. He described it as a rare achievement that puts the country in an exclusive club of space super powers.
“India has successfully tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of #MissionShakti,” the prime minister tweeted later.
He said the action was not directed against any country and the satellite was a pre-determined target orbiting at an altitude of 300 km.
The prime minister did not say who owned the satellite but added that India does not breach any international laws or treaties.
Reacting over the developments opposition parties questioned Modi over violation of Code of Conduct
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Congress President while congratulating Indian Scientists then a mild swipe at Modi and said sarcastically that he would also like to wish the PM a very happy World Theatre Day.
SP Party Chief Akilesh said “Congratulations @drdo_india & @isro this success belongs to you. Thank you for making India safer.”
He added Prime Minister Narendra Modi got himself an hour of free TV and diverted nation’s attention away from issues on the ground, “Today @narendramodi got himself an hour of free TV & divert(ed) nation’s attention away from issues on ground #Unemployment #RuralCrisis & #WomensSecurity by pointing at the sky,” he tweeted.
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With series of tweets West Bengal Chief Mamtha has come down heavily on Modi violating MCC and said ” Her party will take up this issue with Election Commission