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Google, Apple to release next phase of Covid tracing system

Google and Apple are preparing to release the next phase of their Covid-19 exposure notification system which is designed to alert users about their exposure to infectious people even in the absence of a specific app, the media reported.
The two tech giants joined hands to first launch the exposure notifications system in May to provide the technical foundation on which public health authorities around the globe can build apps for contact tracing.
Unlike aroyaga Sethu app in India The system does not collect or use the location from a user’s device.
It uses Bluetooth, which can be used to detect if two devices are near each other without revealing where the devices are.
All of the exposure notification matchings happens on the device.
The system does not share your identity with other users, Apple, or Google.
But public health authorities may ask people for additional information, such as a phone number, to contact you with additional guidance.
According to a report in The Guardian on Thursday, the new version of the system is expected in the next two weeks. With the release of the new version, users will be able to get notifications about exposure without needing to download any app at all, said the report.
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