The drones, which are now more popular in checking terrorist intrusions along the border, will make a first spying object on Thursday in Gautam Buddh Nagar Uttar Pradesh LS constituency.
Drone power is apart from the 10,000-odd security personnel who are on guard in this constituency.
According to administration officials, 13 drones are going to be operating across the district, especially in sensitive areas in order to keep an eye on unwanted activities on the ground.
“There are a total of 23,995 polling booths in the districts of which 163 are critical/sensitive booths keeping in mind the past activities in the area.
The police officers, along with the administration, are on toes to ensure law and order in the district,” said BN Singh, District Magistrate, Gautam Budh Nagar.
He further requested the voters to vote without fear. “We are hoping for a good turnout. If anybody is found obstructing the poll process in any manner, strictest action would be taken,” said Singh.
When the question asked why in uttarpradesh alone drone .. is it a such terror sponsored locality .. Silence is the answer by the EC officials who recently confirmed they could only count 5 VVPATs per parliament Constituency . 
Technically that is well below 2% of VVPATs . It is should be noted 21 parties asked for 50% VVPAT Counting .
But Even after 21 Opposition parties accepted EC stand of 6 days counting time 50% VVPAT , then EC could only increase from their earlier stand of VVPAT Counting of 0.4% to 2%