DMK on Tuesday urged the Election Commission to ensure that officials of co-operative societies/banks are not involved in election-related work in Tamil Nadu.
According to DMK, there are 18,775 co-operative societies/banks functioning in Tamil Nadu under different government departments and they are under the administration of elected bodies, totally controlled by the ruling AIADMK members as Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Board of Directors.
In a representation to the poll panel, the DMK alleged if the officials of co-operative societies/banks are involved in poll duties, they would abuse their power in favour of the ruling AIADMK, impacting free and fair elections.
In a separate complaint, the DMK urged the poll body to pass orders for keeping away T. Senthilkumar, Chairman and R.S. Isabella, Managing Director of Repco Group of Financial Institutions, from the administration of the Repco bank, to appoint an Administrator under its control and to monitor cash transaction of Repco bank and its all branches