Condemning Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi’s charges that DMK in power had unleashed violence through anti-social elements in every district,
DMK leader M.K.Stalin retorted back , “based on what proof and figures that he had said that women in Tamil Nadu were affected when DMK was ruling the state.” Also  Stalin recounted   Modi’s alliance ADMK officials role in Pollachi woman sexual torture incidents 
Stalin also asked “Who speaks about violence? The country has still not forgotten the 2002 Gujarat riots.
Just because he (Modi) moved to Delhi, sins cannot be wiped off,” Stalin said in an election rally at Villupuram district on Friday.
Pointing out that the farmers in Delhi were continuing their protests for the past 90 days, the DMK leader said, “Modi came here and spoke as if he was the saviour of the farmers in the country.”
Alleging that the three farm laws had pushed the farmers’ to suffering, he said, “who is responsible for the farmer’s death during the protest.”
“Who had brought citizenship amendment act and made the people lose peace of mind,” he said adding “therefore, BJP does not have locus standi to speak about DMK.”
Stalin listed out the crime lists of recent persons who joined BJP also Questioned should not Prime Minster  enquire with the intelligence wing about the background of the persons, who had recently joined BJP in Puducherry.
“BJP, which came to grab the AIADMK votes, do not have any rights to talk about DMK,” he said and added, “Persons in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, having criminal background, are joining the BJP.”