Prithika great-grandfather is Annadurai who is founder of DMK party that propagates the dravidian ideology that ruled Tamilnadu for 22 years during the period from 1967 ~ 2011
“My first preference is the IFS. I’ve always been interested in international relations and bi-nation relations of India and would love to serve either in the UN or WHO,” said the 23-year-old Prithika .
Civil services requires dedication towards helping others and that comes at the cost of financial or professional gain, which Prithika does not mind foregoing.
anna great daughter
“My work won’t affect people in the grass root-level directly but most of our policies are based on global frameworks.
I want to represent India on that international platform to create holistic and beneficial policies,” said the Electrical Engineering graduate from SSN College of Engineering.
Her great-grandfather Annadurai, passed away before she was born, but Prithika hopes to continue his service.
“I’ve never thought of my great-grandfather’s legacy as a burden. I am very proud of him and his work, because he served the poor and the vulnerable.

Anna’s effective speech on 2 language formula for Tamilnadu been practised for more than 53 years ..

I want to create an identity for myself, rather than be in his shadow,” she said. Prithika is also interested in working for women’s rights, health, and primary education on a global scale.
A tennis player since 10, Prithika is a huge fan of Roger Federer, and says that the sport has taught her many things. “I’ve played tennis for a long time. Tennis teaches you endurance, physical and mental,” she said.