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DMK Echos “AIOBC” Exposed denial of 11027 Medical seats to Backward Classes

The All India Federation of Other Backward Classes Employees’ Welfare Associations ( AIOBC )  has written to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan accusing the government of violating the reservation policy by not providing an OBC quota for medical seats.
This year, the the upper caste under Economically Weaker Section (EWS) was allotted 653 seats for PG courses under the All India Quota and students whereas the OBC community was only given 371 seats.
“Since 2017, the OBCs have been denied reservations both in PG/UG medical seats under All India Quota.
Thus, they are denied 3000 seats every year which are transferred to General Category. This year also, the same injustice continues,” the association’s General Secretary, G Karunanidhy pointed out .
He added that out of the 9550 seats under the All India Quota this year, nearly 8800 constitute seats in the colleges run by the state governments.
However, OBCs are only given a share of the seats in the Central government institutions but are denied state college seats.
“The seats are transferred to the general category which is unjustified and unconstitutional.
Had the seats remained in the States, the OBCs would have benefitted much. For example, this year, Tamil Nadu has 1758 PG seats. Out of this, 879 seats are pooled by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) for All India Quota,” he explained.
[splco_quote]”Of these 879 seats, the OBCs are not getting any reservation. Had the seats remained in the Tamil Nadu, as per their reservation policy, 440 seats would have gone to OBC students. The same applies to all the States,  It is appalling that the Upper caste EWS category is eligible to have 653 seats in PG courses under the All India Quota this year,” he added.[/splco_quote]
He also said that the association had been sending many letters to the Ministry asking for a response but had not gotten any response as on date
“Our letters to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has not yielded any result.
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Taken a clue from this data DMK party president M.K Stalin condemned this as grave Social Injustice.
The Union Govt has deprived OBC students of their rightful quota for #NEET in UG&PG courses(Medical & Dental).They’ve lost 11,000 seats in 3 years he added 
M.K Stalin also Urged Prime Minister office  to safeguard the reservation policy, in letter & in spirit as per the constitution.
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When the members of Parliament in DMK, Congress , Communists , MDMK , VCK  raised this matter. But the Minister replied saying that 27% reservation to OBCs is applied to the seats pooled from the Colleges run by Central Government as per Central Educational Institutions Reservations Act, thus diverting the question about providing reservation on the All India Quota seats pooled from the State-run colleges.”
Speaking about how the matter was in court but the government had not taken steps to address the matter, Kaunanidhy said that the government was allowing general category students to enjoy the 3000 seats that the OBCs are entitled to,
“The matter is very simple. For the seats drawn from the States for the All India Quota, SC/STs are provided 15% and 7.5%.
In the same way, OBCs should be provided 27%. The Health Ministry, as is done for SC/ST in 15% All India UG Seats, has to take a decision to extend 27% reservation to OBCs also in the AIQ drawn from States and should file a reply in the Supreme Court.
Instead of doing this act, the Health Ministry is dragging the matter and their reply is disappointing,” he said.
He questioned how robbing the OBCs of seats that they are entitled to is not a case of social injustice,
“When SCs, STs and now Upper castes EWS are given reservations in the All India Medical Seats both for PG and UG, denying reservation for OBCs is not only a blatant violation of the Indian Constituency  but atrocious.
If this is not social injustice then what else .. General Secretary, G Karunanidhy asked .
Why should the OBCs alone be made to suffer and make petitions seeking their constitutional rights despite the fact, the Government is committed to social justice?”
Stating above facts, the Association written to the union Health Minister to extend the 27 percent reservation to seats under the All India Quota as well and asked “We request your good self to kindly direct the Health Ministry to extend 27% reservation to OBC candidates in the state-pooled All India Quota seats also both under UG and PG seats for this academic year onwards.”
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