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CU missing in Puri Odisha sparks alarm

Odisha Chief Electoral officer Surendra Kumar on Saturday admitted that a control unit from booth no 62 under Brahmagiri Assembly Constituency (AC) is ‘missing’.
Addressing a presser, Kumar informed that the particular control unit was not kept in the specified strong room and there were lapses on part of the official who received the EVMs. There are 12 strong rooms and the control unit could be in another strong room.
“The EVMs were received and kept in strong room after the third phase polls on April 23. But the particular control unit was not kept in the specified strong room,” said Kumar.
The matter has been brought to the notice of Election Commission (EC) after getting information from Puri district Collector.
“Recommendation for fresh poll at the booth was already intimated to the EC on April 24, ” the CEO informed.
Moreover, re-polls in 10 booths including two booths under Brahmagiri AC, four booths under Athagarh AC and one booth each under Badamba, Debagarh, Satyabadi and Talcher have also been recommended to the EC.
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