Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has written to PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday demanding that funds deposited in the PM-CARES fund by the mining projects and industrial units of Chhattisgarh should be transferred back to the state government.
Baghel stated in the letter that CSR funds were established in view of the difficulties faced by people living near mining projects or industrial units and their problems arising due to displacement, pollution and other such reasons.
Saying that the funds deposited by the state’s mining and industrial units should be spent on those districts which are affected by mining-industry and COVID-19, Baghel said,


“If this amount is spent on prevention of COVID-19 or if it is supposed to be utilized for the prevention of COVID-19, then state government should be entrusted with the responsibility to ensure expending of CSR funds in only those districts which are affected by mining or industrial projects and COVID-19 infection.”
Pointing out that the foremost objective of CSR funds is to bring relief to the people affected by the establishment of industrial units, Baghel added, “Central government has given instructions to all the mining projects and industrial units to deposit their CSR funds directly into the PM-CARES fund”.
“Units have started complying with the instructions this decision of the central government is causing major dissatisfaction among the people affected by mining projects and industrial units. The decision will deprive the people living near mining areas of the basic facilities,” said Baghel.