After Opposition party leader Rahul gandhi has tweeted quoting Newyork times article that claimed Indian deaths due to covid has been hidden and it under 4 category given below figures, that is : 
on actuals as per Indian govt : 307231
on Conservative scenairo : 60000
on more likey scenairo : 1200000
on worse scenario : 4200000
It is to noted that the local new agencies in bjp ruled party in  ttarpradesh rural region is taking the brunt and thousands are perishing unseen, mostly unreported and unwept.
In Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi administration declared the number of COVID deaths at 227, but those at the ghats came out with a number far bigger than that reported by government sources.
In the peak days of April 1 to May 7, according to the ghats’ undertakers, there were 400 cremations everyday.
The number in a week was even more: 2800 cremated. That too was available to those alone fortunate enough to get the wood and space.
A survey by the UP government in 79, 000 of the 97,000 revenue villages in the state revealed that the infection had spread to 28,742 villages.
According to a UP local channel for Hindi news that sent its reporters to 1,714 villages of the state, the situation was beyond alarming.
About ninety percent of the patients are still awaiting any medical help. Death has become an accepted calamity, and those who live with this reality have lost all faith in the existing system.
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However responding to the recent New York Times report that estimated India’s Covid death toll is much higher than the figures put out by the government, joint secretary of health ministry, Lav Agarwal, termed the NYT report “baseless and false.”
“This entire report is baseless and false. We don’t know on what basis this estimation work was done. We have robust system in place, which states are following and reporting,” added Lav Aggarwal.
Earlier on Wednesday, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan took on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after the former Congress president questioned the government’s Covid-death figures citing a news report from a foreign media.
Dr V K Paul, the chair of National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC) said: “Systems are in place. There may be some late reporting somewhere, but you can’t simply multiple 12 folds without any scientific study,”