Last week, the Karnataka Chief minister HD Kumarasamy had said that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi applies makeup to get a glow on his face before appearing for cameras every time.
Now, a BJP MLA has made a remark against this view of Kumarasamy, that has become distasteful.
BJP MLA Raju Kage has said “Kumarasamy said Modi applies powder 10 times and changes clothes 10 times a day.
PM Modi is good looking and is fair, but on the other hand even if Kumarasamy takes bath for 100 times a day, he will look like a buffalo”.
This ugly remark of the BJP MLA has been criticized heavily in the political fraternity.
The election politics often takes ugly turns, as politicians speak degrading their rivals, and sometimes come out with degrading, cheap remarks, that ultimately not just spoil the personal image but tarnishes the image of the party they belong to as well observes political analysts