Bangalore South BJP MP Tejasvi Surya row over three-language formula and said “a few people with vested interests” have created a ‘Hindi Imposition’ sentiment by twisting the recommendations in the draft education policy.
Arguing in favour of the draft of National Education Policy (NEP) Surya went on suggest, “As an extension of this 3-language formula, I feel that children must learn five languages – the mother tongue, Sanskrit, Hindi, English and another regional language (s)”.
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Few states represent mother tongue Hindi imposition irks Indians across India

BJP MP also described those opposed to the policy as ‘Breaking India’ forces, adding that “their hideous agenda of disintegrating Bharat by peddling false narratives will fall flat. I hope every1 understands their hidden narrative & doesn’t let these ‘Break India’ forces win,” he tweeted.
But Kannadigas who are language lovers same as tamils on twitter were angry with BJP MP’s stance, which was outlined in a thread of 14 tweets.
The tweets came in as a angry mood reaction to the ‘#StopHindiImposition‘ campaign which has trended on worldwide Twitter for the past three days.

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Only the local language should be made mandatory. All others should be left to the choice of parents,” Vijay Nagaral (@VijayNagaral) tweeted in response to Tejasvi’s thread.
“The issues change but their response remain the same. They don’t listen but brand us terrorist, naxal & whatnot. We care, gather courage to voice our opinion & act against all odds. @Tejasvi_Surya you represent us. If I am Bharat Breaking Gang, what does that make you?” wrote Sushma Mahabala(@Sushmahabala), taking offence at the MP’s description of NEP critics.