One of the many heartbreaking images and videos that capture the scale of the crisis comes from a recent video of a child trying to wake up his dead mother at the Muzaffarpur railway station. She was travelling in a Shramik train.
In another video a 3 year kid pouring water over dead mother face expeting his mother would wake up .
Post 4 hours short notice 21 days nationwide lockdown anouncement by Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi the plight of migrant workers stranded by India’s sweeping coronavirus lockdown and often forced to walk thouand of kilomeers to reach their hometowns has emerged as a major humanitarian challenge during the pandemic.
Indian Railyays has stated around 80 people have died in special trains launched to ferry such labourers home.
One of them was a coronavirus victim, and eleven others died from co-morbidities.
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One of the passengers, whose video is being widely circulated, said the driver told the passengers that he had forgotten the way. However, a red-faced railways ministry said it had made a conscious decision to run Shramik trains on diverted routes.


Ten people died on May 23, nine each on May 24 and May 25, eight on May 27 and 13 on May 26
Around eighty people died between May 9 and May 27 on Shramik Special trains meant to ferry migrant workers home, according to Railways officials sources
The special trains were launched on May 1 and Indian government resposded to Supreme Court has said they have already ferried lakhs home.
Regarding the reports of changing the routes complaints An official with the railways ministry confirmed that some trains were diverted for Bihar via Rourkela Friday to clear congestion.
“We have decided to run few of the Shramik trains on diverted routes… There are hundreds of migrant trains running at the moment, so congestion is bound to happen,” the official said.
States like Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha have reported significant rises in coronavirus cases amid the large-scale return of migrants.
India’s total case count has crossed 1.90 lakhs, a number that includes over 5,200 deaths, according to  worldometer data . With this figure India Position in Asia stands at  No.1 and in World as 7th for  Corona virus affected patients . In terms of death India stood in 13th rank in Global and again No.1 in asia 
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