Devendra Singh Bhole is a two-time BJP MP from Kanpur Dehat. He was a minister in Kalyan Singh’s cabinet.

BJP MLA and MP crossed swords in Kanpur over Brahmin pride as the legislator Pratibha Shukla criticised her own party MP Devendra Singh Bhole saying he takes votes of Brahmins but does nothing for them.

The temper flew so high that the MLA walked out of the meeting of the District Coordination Committee on Tuesday and later said that Bhole ignores Brahmins. 

“He (Bhole) takes votes from Brahmins but does not listen to them. Brahmins are being ignored and women are being neglected. Their problems are not even heard,” Shukla said.

BJP MLA  legislator even accused BJP MP of not allowing the construction of Parshuram Vatika in Nabipur. The MLA has donated Rs 5 crore for the purchase of land and construction of the Parshuram temple.

This in-party tussle assumes a new dimension after Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated a statue of Parshuram early this week. 

This arise lot of interesting debate amogst the powerful caste brahmin sector in Uttarpradesh . Many silently admit this  is as an attempt to win the hearts of Brahmins. How much Akhilesh succeed to be seen from the result of elections 

Left picture is BJP MLA Pratibha Shukla who criticised her own party publicly is seen in right MP Devendra Singh Bhole

In Kanpur and adjoining areas of Kanpur Dehat and Unnao, Brahmins hold the key in around a dozen constituencies. 

Therefore, the killing of a don Vikas Dubey in an encounter was linked to Brahmin pride forcing the BJP to look for Brahmin icons.

To win the hearts of Brahmins, Pratibha Shukla promised to build Parshuram Temple and now she alleges that her own party’s MP is throwing a spanner in that scheme.

“The work of Parshuram Vatika in Nabipur is being deliberately stopped. Various obstacles are being put to stall the project. The MP raised many allegations and all of them have been proved wrong in the investigation from the secretary level,” the BJP MLA said.

She also openly even called Bhole corrupt.

Responding to the charges BJP MP Devendra Singh Bhole however said that the allegations against him are baseless and that the Legislator is like a sister to him.