Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test 2021(UPTET 2021) that was supposed to be conducted on 28 november has been cancelled due to reports of a paper leak. 

About 20 lakh candidates were to appear in the exam on Sunday at 2736 examination centers in the state.

According to reports, the question paper for the examination was circulated amongst WhatsApp groups in Mathura, Ghaziabad and Bulandshahr.

According to UP state police sources UPTET paper bought and resold for large sums of cash

In the investigation so far, it has become clear that there are many people involved in the gang of Manish Ravi and Dharmendra arrested from Meerut, who got 10 copies of the second shift paper for Rs 5 lakh and then further sold them to 50 to 60 candidates for Rs 50,000 each

On Sunday, 29 people have been arrested so far in connection with the leak of the Teacher Eligibility Test paper being conducted for teacher recruitment in primary and junior schools of Uttar Pradesh. 

UPSTF is conducting raids from Prayagraj Lucknow Kaushambi Meerut to Gorakhpur and Varanasi and has already arrested the kingpins of two exam solver gangs in this case.

Among those arrested are 11 solvers, one examinee, one primary teacher and three kingpins of different solver gangs.

16 people arrested from Prayagraj in UPTET paper leak case

UP STF has arrested the maximum number of 16 people from Prayagraj in this case 8 people including solver from Bihar along with solver gang leader Rajendra Patel from Naini area of Prayagraj have been arrested.

Three people have been arrested from Jhusi area and 5 from Georgetown area.

According to the information received, Roshan Singh Patel, arrested from Ansar Kaushambi, leaked the paper of the first shift of TET and Manish Ravi and Dharmendra, arrested from Meerut, have leaked the paper of the second shift.

UP STF recovered the first shift paper from Roshan Patel, a resident of Chitrakoot. Roshan Patel is a Lab Technician in Manjhanpur Tehsil of Chitrakoot. This paper was provided to Roshan Patel by someone in Lucknow, with whom he was going to Kaushambi.

Rajendra Patel, arrested from Naini area of Prayagraj, is also the kingpin of the solver gang. The paper was provided by Sunny Solver, a resident of Bihar.

UP STF has also arrested five solvers from Naini area. Also, assistant teacher Satya Prakash Singh has been arrested from Jhusi in the education department itself.

UP STF has found an UPTET solved paper on Satya Prakash Singh’s WhatsApp.

UPSTF is interrogating all the gangsters of the arrested solver gang. So far, three solver gang kingpins have been caught. Inquiring how the paper was received, the UP STF is trying to find out how the paper reached the solver gang before the commencement of the examination.

In such a situation, the private agency making UP TET exam paper is also under investigation and a few people related to it are being questioned by the UP STF.

In this matter, STF Chief ADG Prashant Kumar says that they would not spare anyone. “We are working on it hard. As far as the wires of this paper leak go, every person will be caught, whoever he may be,” he said.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took to Twitter to inform people that a direction to arrest the people behind the paper leak had been given. The tweet also read that a case under the gangster act will be registered against the accused.

Samajwadi Party President, and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav slammed the Yogi Adityanath-led UP government over the UPTET paper leak. 

Speaking to media  he said that this was not the first time such an incident happened in Uttar Pradesh and that such incidents have been happening since the BJP government came to power in Uttar Pradesh. 

He further added, “Every time a paper is cancelled, SIT investigates the matter, but who will investigate the SIT to check if it is conducting an unbiased investigation?”