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AIIMS nurses strike for PPE kits unnoticed by Indian Government

Corona virus Management in India facing problems not only with lack of test kits but with also lack of PPE kits for medicos
And with millions of stranded migrants sad tales told on daily basics at different places due to hunger,
Extension of lockdown fore more than 60 days does not contain the spread as India witnessed with 6000 plus deaths stand at 12th position in deaths in Global Rank and with Corona virus affected patients crossing 210000 persons that made India stand at 7th position in the Global rank
Adding to the sordid affairs now the AIIMS Nurses Union has been demanding implementation of uniform four-hour duty wearing the PPE kits, uniform rotation of nurses between Covid-19 duty and non-Covid-19 duty, establishment of proper donning and doffing area, display of duty roster, shuttle service for those working on night shift, establishment of feedback system for health care workers and simplification of accommodation allotment.
AIIMS nurses strike continues for third day, and local sources confirmed if their demands are not met then entire nurses likely to go on mass casual leave on June 10
It’s been 3 days since the nurses of All India Institute of Medical Sciences have been on protest regarding COVID-19 work procedures, but the hospital admin has refused to acknowledge the protest
“The protest began when we realised that the management did not want to even acknowledge the issues. The management is simply being adamant. We did not want to protest, but our lives are at stake here. Don’t our lives matter?” asked Fameer CK, general secretary AIIMS Nurses Union.
“Initially, there weren’t a lot of Covid-19 positive patients coming to AIIMS, but now the numbers are increasing. As the numbers are increasing, the staff members are also falling ill.
The hospital so far has not begun the rotation of nurses between Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 areas. So, with this continued exposure, the health workers will fall ill.
Staffers have lost weight, several female nurses have contracted Urinary Tract Infection, there are sores and boils on the noses and ears of most health workers,” highlighted Fameer CK.
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