In the viral video, the woman is seen cooking chicken on an earthen stove. She then brings in a copy of the Manusmriti and sets it alight with the fire of the stove. 

Das is studying to be a teacher and has cleared the CTET exams. She is also preparing for a PhD degree.

As the book burns, she lights a cigarette from its flames.

This is just the beginning, she said, adding that such books should not exist. 

“A person gains knowledge from books. But, this book discriminates and divides people. For that, people should be against such a book,” she said.

Several things written in Manusmriti about humans and women are not appropriate, Das claimed. “Every page of this book should be burnt.” 

Dalits should come forward and oppose the book, she said, adding that Manusmriti is the root of all the evils prevalent in society.

“Many things have been prescribed for women in the Manusmriti – what they can do and what they cannot. By smoking the cigarette, I have protested against it,” she said.

But is she afraid of backlash? “I have already come forward. People are free to react and act the way they want. I am not afraid anymore,” she said.

So far, lakhs of people have seen the video on Twitter and in thousands she was appreciated of her radical thoughts