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After death what happens to the Aadhaar card

Aadhar card has become an essential document in today’s time. From getting PAN to filing Income Tax Return (ITR) and availing benefits of government schemes, Aadhaar is required.
It is also required for most bank functions, from buying a house to issuing a child’s birth certificate.
Did any of us imagined what happens to a person’s Aadhar number after his or her demise..
The question after been raised by a member of parliament it was answered by the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar in the Parliament.
The minister informed that after the death of a person, the Aadhaar is not deactivated, as there is no such provision.
Chandrashekhar said that at present, there is no system to cancel the Aadhaar number of a deceased person.
However, he told the Lok Sabha that the Registrar General of India had sought suggestions from UIDAI on draft amendments to the Birth and Death Registration Act, 1969 so that the Aadhar number of the deceased can be taken while issuing the death certificate.
The birth and death registrar in the country is the custodian of the birth and death data.
Currently, there is no mechanism to get the Aadhaar number of deceased persons from the registrar for deactivating the Aadhaar.
But once the Aadhaar number sharing framework is in place among these entities, the registrars will start sharing the deceased’s Aadhaar number with UIDAI for deactivation.
Deactivating the Aadhaar or linking it with the death certificate will prevent it from being misused after the death of the Aadhaar cardholder.
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