A private operator (contractor) in Gujarat had carried out the repair work of the bridge for nearly six months before it was reopened to the public 4 days ago on the Gujarati New Year day celebrated on October 26., collapsed officials said.

This suspension bridge was over 140 years old and measured 765 feet.  The bridge was first inaugurated on February 20, 1879, by Mumbai governor Richard Temple.

All the material came from England. It connects Mahaprabhuji to Samakantha area.  The bridge, considered an engineering marvel, had suffered severe damage in the 2001 earthquake. 

“Due to the bridge collapse, several people fell into the river. A rescue operation is underway. There are reports that several people have suffered injuries. They are being rushed to hospitals,” local MLA and state minister Brijesh Merja said.

A local civil hospital said that at least 40 people had died due to the collapse. According to eyewitnesses, more than 400 injured there were several women and children on the hanging bridge when it snapped.

Rescue operation still underway after an old suspension bridge over the Machchhu river collapsed, in Morbi district. 

Cause of accident still unknown Further details are awaited.