Not alone Ill health and heart attack but shockingly the suiicdes have also taken a heavy toll on police personnel.
337 deaths in a single year out of which 48 suicides and 40 COVID victims
Year 2020 gone by would be one Tamil Nadu police would badly want to forget.
The battle-hardened force had never lost this many of its personnel in khaki in just one year, going by the statistics provided by the constabulary.
“Corona deaths were inevitable just like in civil society. But we’re taking steps to reduce health-related and stress-related deaths,” a senior State police officer said on Monday.
As many as 108 police personnel died of ill-health and another 59 died of heart attack, while road accidents killed 70 other cops.
“We have started health rejuvenation camps in every district. Even alcohol addicts can get treated there.
We are also encouraging constabulary meeting with the DSP or the SP at least twice a month,” said a senior officer while detailing about the welfare measures initiated recently.
State police have also enlisted volunteers in every district to assist police, besides taking steps to avoid direct confrontation with members of the public.
“In some areas, even chairs and umbrellas are being provided so that the cops don’t have to stand in sun for a long period,” the officer added.
Officers were told to identify the source of stress of their subordinates and also asked to have a relook on the punishment awarded to them.
If found those punishments are severe or unwanted, then superiors have been asked to take a relook at the same, the officer noted.