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Will BJP MP Dubey wash Modi’s feet and drink the dirty water asks kapil Sibal

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey on Monday faced the ire of politicians and social media after a video emerged in which a supporter is seen washing his feet and drinking that water.

The MP defended himself by highlighting an incident from the epic Mahabharata where Lord Krishna had washed the feet of Sudama.

As the video, which surfaced on Sunday, triggered a controversy, Dubey said those trolling him were “unable to understand the love” supporters have for him.

At a function in Godda in Jharkhand, a BJP activist, Pawan, washed his feet and drank the same water, much to the applause of those gathered. The incident occurred soon after Dubey finished his speech. The MP did not prevent his supporter from washing his feet as the rest of the crowd chanted “Pawan Bhai Zindabad”.

Nishikant Dubey, the MP from Godda in Jharkhand, however defended that BJP worker who washed his feet and then drank the dirty water from his palm.  

Now if that was an expression of love, Congress leader Kapil Sibal says, will Dubey wash Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s feet and then follow the worker’s example?

“If not, does it mean he does not love Modi?” the former Union minister tweeted today.

But in response to criticism, an unperturbed Dubey wrote a Facebook post explaining that the manner in which Sah showed his enthusiasm wasn’t surprising. He pointed to tradition in Jharkhand, and said he indulged Sah because he’d made a public declaration.

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