Even when 22 opposition parties  demanding 100% VVPAT to ensure fair and foul free election process EC summarily  rejected 100% matching of EVM and VVPAT slips but offered to count only 2 VVPATs per assembly 
But after Opposition Parties approached Supreme Court and  then EC agreed that it will audit only EVM’s from 5 randomly selected polling station per assembly means some approx  20000 VVPAT machines to be tallied in 10 lakhs EVMS..  That works out to just 2%) .
Two days before counting Opposition parties under Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra babu Naidu approached Election commission again and requested that 2% VVPATs that was to be picked randomly  to be counted first before start of actual EVM counting
That 22 Poltical parties request also been found summarily  rejected by Election Commission a day before voting 
Now Interestingly unconfirmed report of  returning officer Annexure A been available on Social media that reads as below 
Poll Station : 63
State : Andhra Pradesh 
Unique ID Control Unit : BCUAA 53729 & BCUAA 83917
Unique ID of VVPAT : BUTAK 84954 & BUTAK 84742 
No of VVPAT votes : 219 
No of EVM  votes : 233
Total Discrepancy  found : 14 
61343131 2342369109345743 7917104493085327360 n
Means on the Polled vote 6.4% not found matching .. That is on EVM votes 14 votes been found on higher side 
The procedure or code of conduct for if discrepancy  been found is unlaid by both Election Commission and also by Supreme Court when they heard 22 Political parties petition 
It is to be noted Opposition parties has come down form 100% to 50% and then 25% VVPAT counting but Election Commission stick to its adamant stand of only  2% VVPAT counting 
During argument in Supreme Court Opposition Parties agreed for  six  days wait time for 50% VVPAT counting that been advocated by Election Commission 
Now with this 6.4% discrepancy been reported indicating the Unique CU and VVPAT Number .,  what is store / remedy has to be checked ponders the voters who casted their valuable vote in the world largest Democratic Process
This raises the next question of where to avail the data for entire 2% couting of VVPATs in order to check the total discrepancies and If in case if discrepancies found at large what could be the remedy for those  Constituencies  .
Interestingly one important question now remains with Election Commission to be answered who all along maintained 100% accuracy when tally for VVPAT with EVM takes place .