Local media Sources said that a group of four members from TVK had climbed atop the tank at Vengaivayal with hammers and attempted to demolish the tank after staging a protest on Monday

Following this Tension prevailed at Pudukkottai Collectorate on Tuesday after residents from several villages in and around Vengaivayal attempted to besiege the premises demanding action against four Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi (TVK) members, who tried to demolish the controversial water tank, where human faeces was found some weeks ago, at Vengaivayal.

According to local media group of four members from TVK had climbed atop the tank at Vengaivayal with hammers and attempted to demolish the tank after staging a protest on Monday. 

On information, police rushed to the spot and arrested the TVK men. However, cops registered a simple case of nuisance and released them later.

Angered by the lenience shown by the police towards the ‘saboteurs’, a group of non-Dalit residents from Eraiyur, Muthukadu and the adjacent villages converged at the Pudukkottai Collectorate on Tuesday and staged a protest. 

They demanded explanation of how the TVK members managed to scale the water tank, which was under police surveillance.

The villagers alleged that some outside force, which was behind the act, wanted to create unrest among the people.

Suddenly, they attempted to besiege the Collectorate, but were prevented by the police.

The police led by DSP (Pudukkottai Town) Ragavi tried to pacify the agitating members and advised them to disperse from the spot. However, the protesting residents stood their ground and insisted for an audience with the Collector.

Demanding imposition of Section 144 in Vengaivayal village to prevent the entry of outsiders, the protestors urged the state government to expedite the investigation and bring the real culprits before law to ensure a peaceful atmosphere in the region.

Amidst the commotion, Pudukkottai Collector Kavitha Ramu came to the Collectorate. 

As the protesting members blocked her vehicle, police intervened and made way for the Collector. Subsequently, a group of people, led by Muttukadu panchayat president’s husband Muthiah, met the Collector and handed over a petition with their demands. The protesters then left the place around 1.30 pm.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin during January assembly meeting said that the incident in Vengaival village of Pudhokottai district, in which human excreta was found in water tanks, shows that caste discrimination and untouchability exist in some pockets of society.

Taking note of the matter, CM said that Special Investigation Team is investigating the incident.

“So far 70 people have been inquired and the guilty will be brought to book with an iron hand,” CM said while replying to a motion moved by the Opposition in the assembly.

“The issue has exposed the prevalence of caste discrimination and untouchability in some pockets. Untouchability is saddening and condemnable. A new water tank and distribution pipeline were installed for the 32 houses. Affected people were given medical treatment and clean drinking water was supplied. Medical teams continue in the village,” Stalin said.

The opposition moves special attention motion on human excreta in water tanks in a Vengaivayal of the Pudhokottai district.

AIADMK MLA Vijayabhakar demanded arresting those responsible for mixing human excreta in water tanks.

Congress MLA Selvaperunthagai, PMK MLA G K Mani and a few others also spoke on this special attention motion.

Earlier last December, human feces were found dumped in a water tank supplying drinking water to a Dalit colony of Vengavayil village in the Pudukottai district.

When after drinking the contaminated water, the children started falling ill, and the doctor treating them asked the colony residents to check the water quality.

Residents of Vengaivasal in Muttukadu panchayat in the Pudukkottai district later complained to the police after finding that human excreta was dumped into the overhead water tank that supplies water to the colony.