A 360-degree revolving high-resolution camera was installed atop Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s residence. The purpose, the police had then insisted, was to ensure better protection of the chief minister’s residence.
But the police have given in to pressure from Nitish Kumar’s neighbour and arch rival, Tejashwi Yadav, after the young Rashtriya Janata Dal leader went to town with his suspicions.
The Bihar chief minister’s next door neighbour who shares a common boundary wall had complained on, and off social media, that the location of the CCTV camera was designed to spy on him.
In a series of tweets, Yadav wrote, “Nitishji, you and your police have every right to secure your lives but neither of you reserve any right to breach my privacy by peeping into my bedroom, entrance of the main hall, kitchen, residential office and personal privacy through a 360-degree HD camera. You can get the camera installed on the main gate of our house, we have no problem with that.”
Echoing the sentiments expressed by his mother and former chief minister Rabri Devi, Yadav had alleged that the chief minister was spying on him. “The camera exposes the privacy of my entire house, including my bedroom and kitchen,” he had said.
Inspector General (Security) BS Meena had sought to resolve the issue with the explanation that the camera wasn’t working and was installed there on a trial basis. “It doesn’t breach anyone’s security. Still, if anyone has objections to the camera, we will take corrective steps,” he said.
Subsequently, the camera was removed on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, finding the camera gone, RJD workers celebrated it as Yadav’s triumph over Nitish.
RJD spokesperson Bhai Virendra speaking to the media said that this was yet another defeat for Nitish Kumar. “The chief minister shall continue to lose on all fronts and soon will have to give up his chair,” he said.
The JD(U), in turn, said the RJD had no serious agenda or development issue to discuss. “There are much larger issues like poverty, under development among the Dalits, backward classes and minorities in the state but RJD only wants to focus on trivial issues such as CCTV cameras ,” said JD(U) spokesperson, Neeraj Kumar.
Is CCTV fixing in a angle that peep inside bedroom and kitchen and removing it after protest bound trivial issues questions   Political analysts in social media