DMK led Tamilnadu government to introduce Face Recognition Software (FRS) and this will be installed in computer room in police stations  as well as mobile phones of the policemen. 

Through this  software the accused, people under suspicion, missing people and even the dead bodies can be identified by comparing the photos already present in CCTNS. 

It shoud be noted State govt has already added the photos of 5.3 lakh persons in CCTNS.

After CM launched the software, police dept while explaining the software said that when a person is stopped by policemen and his photo is compared in FRS photos of 20 persons closely resembling the person will be shown in FRS and policemen can verify the exact person from the list. 

Also the details of the persons such as their history of crimes, whether they are absconding or any arrest warrant has been issued against them will also be present in the software and the policemen who have detained the person can alert the concerned police station where the case is pending the person, through FRS.

FRS to  help the policemen on rounds to easily verify the details of the persons and will enable them to take a decision whether to arrest the persons or not. 

After FRS was launched, DGP C Sylendra Babu said that the police department  is also planning to launch Video Analytics Software (VAS)

FRS  software also  help police dept to identify offenders and missing persons through CCTV videos. 

The video analytics software will help police to analyze a large crowd and to find out the persons absconding from police.

It will also aid police dept to analyze the number of persons in a protest and to deploy the required police force to monior and mange  the protest and thus to maintain Law and order