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School Children sexual abuse in Tamilnadu during EPS ADMK rule is on alarming rise

Statistics data revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) confirmed that sexual abuse cases have snowballed against the school children in the Tamilnadu state .
RTI sought statistics from NCRB invoking the State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) and the results were shocking.
The cases filed from the year 2013 is 16, and the number of such incidents are an alarming 2,502 in 2018 and 2,410 in 2019.
Yearly figures of sexual abuse are more alarming :
2014 – 419 Cases
2015 – 1055 Cases
2016 – 1546 Cases
2017 – 1585 Cases
2018 – 2052 Cases
2019 – 2410 Cases
Reported cases till July 2020 is a startling 2000 plus, sexual abuses against children aren’t confined to schools alone.
Ever since after Mr.Palnaisamy ADMK rule in Tamilnadu women abuses cases on alarming rise
An mammoth 63,636 number of cases under POCSO section 4 and 6 are pending as of the 2018 records.
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