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SC gives Modi government 10 days to act on Lokpal Selection committee

After the end of five years of Modi government Supreme Court today granted Central Government to apprise it within 10 days, the meeting dates for the Selection Committee which will appoint Lokpal members and the Chairperson.
The bench of the Supreme Court, led by CJI Gogoi, rejected a plea of Prashant Bhushan seeking direction to selection committee to make public the proposed names of Chairperson and members of the Lokpal.
The search committee headed by retired SC judge Ranjana Desai had recommended a panel of three names each for Lokpal Chairman, judicial member and non-judicial member.The names were shown to Supreme Court on Thursday by Attorney General.
AG told Supreme Court that it will tell DoPT Secretary to ensure convening of meetings of selection committee for appointment of Lokpal as soon as possible
A PM-led panel is supposed to decide on the final names for Lokpal. It is important to note BJP during UPA governance vociferously batted for Lokpal .
But after BJP led government got comfortable majority got power Modi government was silent on Lokpal for all the five years ..
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