Pooja performed at Someshwara temple in Halasuru Karnataka yesterday for better monsoon has evoked sarcastic remarks against Sanskrit pundits

The summer heat is becoming unbearable for everybody so much so that priests in Bengaluru performed puja for early monsoon rains at Someshwara temple on June 7.

But what the Social media is obsessing over are the pictures from the puja that showed two priests sitting in vessels filled with water.

As per reports, priests were asked to station themselves inside the vessels as part of the rituals for the puja. Moreover, they were also seen surfing their phones.

That, is something, that the social media bloggers found pretty humorous. Users guessed that the priests could also be reading mantras from their phones while some others had hilarious responses.

New way of using phone in hot days.😂😂

Sangita Nambiar
· Jun 7, 2019
Replying to @ANI
Hawww! They don’t know shlokas by heart even! Duffer pundits!

Anant Iyer
And they wasted two drums of water. Irony just died

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Axit Darji
Are those two pandit checking weather app already?!!🤣

Yeti Ji
Put some wood under those utensils.

Vikramaaaaaa | ವಿಕ್ರಮ
But why are they sitting in tub 🛀?? 🤔