According to a recent report the Rajkot police had written to Google to prevent any downloads of PUBG MOBILE in the Rajkot area. “We have said we have banned this, so if possible, if in any IP of this area they are downloading the game then we have said, stop it if you can,” the Rajkot police commissioner, Manoj Agrawal, said.
The letter was apparently sent to Google when the first ban was implemented on the game.
The reason for banning the game still stays the same. “Its effects are very bad and it can have an impact on children, so the government thought it wise to stop it,” said another police official. Previously, the ban was put into effect to prevent children from getting distracted during the exam period and focus on studies.
When the ban was implemented, the police made a few arrests after catching a few people playing PUBG in the open.
Most of the people arrested were mostly young people and they were released after an FIR was filed. However, the police commissioner also stressed that even non-PUBG players could be arrested if they don’t report people openly flouting the ban in public spaces and playing PUBG. People could face imprisonment for up to 6 months.
As of now, Google hasn’t responded to the police’s letter. However, if the issue is escalated to the courts, PUBG MOBILE could soon face a similar fate as TikTok. It should be noted following Madras high court diktat both Google play and Apple has removed the Tik Tok app
Recently, the Internet Freedom Foundation filed public interest litigation challenging the game’s ban in Gujarat High Court, which was later turned down by the court.
PUBG MOBILE has been in a lot of controversies since the last few months, with media reports of the game proving harmful to both physical and mental health of players.
Some cases involving PUBG have even led to fatal consequences. Despite the ban on the game, the PUBG MOBILE is still going strong in the world of mobile gaming, with new features coming in every now and then.