On the backdrop of 5-0 dismal performance of BJP in the recent assembly elections, Senior BJP leader and union minister Nitin Gadkari today stated that while the leadership takes credit for victories, it should also have the quality to own up the responsibility of failure also.
Gadkari was in Pune to attend an event organised by Pune District Urban Cooperative Bank Association Limited on Saturday. During his speech, Gadkari made the comments on the leadership qualities.
Giving a piece of advice to the officials from banking sector about the leadership qualities, Gadkari gave an example of political leadership. He said, “Like taking credit for the success, the leadership also should take the responsibility of the defeats. Unless you owns up the defeats also, the leader can no show his loyalty towards the organisation.”
“In politics, success has many fathers but the failure is considered orphan. In case of success, there will be a race to take credit but in case of failure, nobody will come forward and everyone will start pointing fingers at each other,” Gadkari added .
“Unless the leader owns up the responsibility of the failures also, he can not prove his loyalty towards his organisation,” Gadkari said without naming anyone.
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Gadkari’s comments have come when his name is doing rounds as the next possible candidate for the prime ministership for BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections if the party falls short of the majority.
Citing one example of the politics, Gadkari said, ” If any candidate loses elections, he starts complaining like he did not get adequate support in terms of getting banners, arranging political rallies.
However, I tell such candidates that they lost because they could not get the enough support from people.”
The Implied attacks on Narendra Modi and Amith Shah Combo has raised temperature amongst BJP cadres and Social media taken cognizance  of this developments  and exposed  the rivalry of the ruling establishments in detail.