The Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPREC) Saturday released the new electricity tariff prices for the current fiscal year 2022–2023.

It said there is no increase in tariffs for any consumer category, adding that slabs have been revised. 

In a statement issued, the UPERC said that in urban areas, the power tariff of Rs 5.50 per unit for 0-150 units has now been fixed for 0-100 units.

The Rs 6 per unit tariff for 151-300 units has been reduced to Rs 5.50 per unit for range of 101-150 units.

Similarly, the tariff of Rs 6.50 per unit for 301-500 units has been revised to Rs 6 per unit for 151-300 units.

For 500 units and above, on which Rs 7 per unit was levied as tariff, the range has been revised to above 300 units, and the tariff has been fixed at Rs 6.50 per unit.

For the BPL category (domestic), the tariff has been kept unchanged at Rs 3 per unit till 100 units.

For rural consumers, the tariff of Rs 3.35 per unit for 0-100 units and Rs 3.85 per unit for 101-150 units category remains unchanged.

In the 151-300 units category, tariff of Rs 5 per unit remains unchanged. 

The revised power tariff for 300 units and above is Rs 5.50 per unit, down from Rs 6 per unit.

For the BPL (domestic), tariff has been left unchanged at Rs 3 per unit till 100 units.

For the rural unmetered connections (domestic), it is unchanged at Rs 500 per kilowatt per month.

(Source : inputs from PTI)